I’m writing some new code and one of the pleasures (dismays?) of starting a fresh codebase is defining your “infrastructure”. Loading logging. Defining a configuration standard. Integrate CI and creating a runbook template. Why shouldn’t I revisit my code writing too?

I’ve known for the past few years I’ve written Python that I’m only using the basics of the language. I don’t use static types or decorators. I avoid classes and of course unit testing is a chuckle. I’m not going to add all of that into my workflow right now, but in the past I’ve always been good about composing my infrastructure components to ensure that down-the-road I don’t have to refactor a huge chunk of a project to allow for a basic change — so I’ll improve my Python writing.

Areas of focus:

That’s all. Just a couple of points. I’m not an expert, but I write Python all the time, yet aside from def and some clever for loops I rarely find myself pushing into new territory.